While Alloy Silverstein has been partnering with businesses since 1959 for their accounting and auditing needs, we’ve extended our partnership capabilities by establishing Abacus Payroll, Inc. in 1999. Our simple, no-hassle paperless payroll solutions fit right in line with the cloud accounting and business process programs that we recommend.

Starting at $4 per employee per month, you’re able to timely pay your employees each pay day through direct deposit or loaded onto payroll debit cards. While you, the employer, have access to PayEntry to remotely input all of your payroll data each cycle, your employees gain access to Employee Self Service to electronically view pay stubs, accruals, withholdings, and pay history. Our convenient monthly pricing structure is all-inclusive of everything you need to be compliant when it comes to payroll taxes – deductions, withholdings, tax filings, quarterlies, 1099s, W2s, and so on.

A further solution for today’s business owners is our electronic timekeeping system, ClockEntry. Your employees can remotely clock in and out of their shifts by using a mobile app on their phone, allowing supervisors to have more insight into their workforce, along with ability to respond quickly to issues related to absenteeism, lack of punctuality, and unauthorized overtime.

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Let’s face it – You’re a business owner, not a certified human resources professional. Once you have a single employee, there are many labor laws to be aware of. However, as your number continues to grow, so do the number of applicable laws. Avoid being penalized for non-compliance or leaving your business vulnerable to labor related lawsuits with our affordable HR Help Center solution.

Outsourced HR Help Center

  • Customizable template letters, memos, forms, and employee handbook contents
  • Sample checklists, job descriptions, and company policies
  • Federal and state law compliance knowledge library
  • Calculators for timekeeping, overtime, HR, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance
  • Continuous training and updates through HR Guides, podcasts, webinars, and email alerts



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This Month’s HR Cast

Each month, the HR Help Center releases a new HR Cast to cover key issues and best practices within Human Resources. The HR Casts typically span 3-5 minutes and cover topics such as company culture, FLSA updates, social media, hiring tips, and other workplace issues and common situations.


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