Angela Venti

Director of Practice Growth

Angela is Alloy Silverstein’s Director of Practice Growth. She will meet with business owners to share how the Alloy Silverstein Group can offer full service, one stop convenience with the advantage of taking their entire financial picture into consideration, including cloud-based accounting solutions. She will work with each business client on a customized basis to meet their specific needs.

Angela has over 25 years of business development experience, having worked across various industries including the auto industry, fine clothing, banking and financial services. She has been a leader in building brands with a customer-centric focus and has been successful at entering new markets and aligning new concepts for leading companies.

Angela has been recognized by local publications as a “Top Woman in Business” in 2013 and as an “Executive of the Year” in both 2013 and 2015. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling, and experiencing other cultures.